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What We Do
Karma Points, Inc. (KP) is a private 501(3)(c) organization working in Adams
County, Ohio since 2009. We are governed by a volunteer board that includes
certified Master Gardeners, agriculture/horticulture educators and local producers.

Our mission is to increase the accessibility and availability of wholesome locally-
grown food throughout Adams County, Ohio.

We are working to help people become healthier and more self-sufficient by
offering them education and volunteer opportunities in gardening techniques and
methods, marketing products, and in food preparation and preservation. We also
help organizations develop gardening programs that offer their clients healthier
foods and the opportunity to learn about fruit and vegetable production.

Who We Are
Executive Board Members
    Beth E. Pirtle-Frazer
    Managing Executive

    Brice Mikesell

    Robin Stephenson

    Owen Applegate

    Sharon T. Bell

Garden Supervisor
    Open Position
Nourishing Adams County communities from the ground up...
Events Calendar
March 13, 5PM at the
Eulett Center learn
more about Karma
Points and
Community Gardens.

March 15, 1PM at the
Manchester Community
Building, 4th and Pike
Sts. Join us for the
Washington Street
Garden organizational
meeting. Sign up for
beds and bring your